(Let’s dance, let’s dance, otherwise we are lost!)


A dip in the sea, this is the beginning. Getting immersed in an early summer night or in an unexplored body to love. From this sensations comes the desire, which is the starting point of the action: the possibility of a new reality.

B l i t z  was born in the town of Rovinj and this is the place where it wants to create. Curating a matter of art and thought, for the purpose of putting it in the hands of those who this city live or cross. The aim is to illuminate the beauty and to intensify the emotions by carefully choosing the ingredients, offering linkings, pointing paths, initiating relationships.

The object of  b l i t z’s curating are the performing arts, the so-called live arts, ephemeral and unique works performed by live artists for live spectators, together capable of inventing – for the short duration of the performance – the luxury of an other space-time. Through the images and words that proposes, b l i t z  turns chronos into kairos. In the logical and sequential order of everyday life  b l i t z  inserts a “time between”, a time for something special to happen, an event in which all participants (artists and spectators) have the opportunity to feel unique.

In 2013, in a historical moment in which the issue of the end of the world is something ordinary,

b l i t z  chooses to reflect on the issue of the beginning.

In the wake of the subtext end-beginning, from the Wim Wenders’ film Pina b l i t z borrows a subtitle “Tanzt, tanzt sonst sind wir verloren” as its own motto freely translated in “Let’s dance, let’s dance, otherwise we are lost!”.

Today b l i t z  is a newborn. It’s small, strong and fragile at the same time. In order to grow b l i t z needs your attention, your look, your words, your participation because the centre of this beloved town-theatre that b l i t z has chosen as his stage, dear spectator, is you!

Blitz (-es,-e), n.m, in German: lightning, bolt, thunderbolt.
In the photo terminology: flash. Synonyms: glare, glitter, glow.
Figurative: moment, instant.



Žak Valenta + Ensemble Antonio Gandusio (HR)
performance | friday 30th August 2013, 10.30 AM, market (street Garibaldi) | free entrance

The workshop develops physical scores, encourageing the sensibility of each participant towards physical expression of Karel Čapek’s drama “The life of insects”, it’s premiere scheduled for November 2013 in Rovinj. The main activities of the workshop are mime training, observation of the city open market and improvisation sessions towards performative interventions on the market the 30th August 2013, as an introduction to the b l i t z Festival inauguration.

*Žak Valenta is a dancer, performer, teacher, choreographer. He is one of the founders of the company Trafik from Rijeka. His collaborations count those with HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka, Karina Holla Company, Griff Theatre, Companie de Opera Seca and others.


Irma Omerzo (HR)

dance performance | friday 30th August 2013, 7.30 PM, glade beneath St. | Eufemia Church | free entrance | duration 50′

How is the climate over there?
Rather bad. Pretty poor visibility.
And what about tomorrow?
Little worse than today. For some.
What is the prognosis like, in general?
Worse and worse.
Do you expect any improvement?
Nobody knows.
What are you going to do?
We should be ready. We should prepare ourselves; find some protective layer, filter or something like that…

Meteo is a dance performance which plays with meteorological issues. In a figurative sense the performance is questioning the current cultural and social situation in which we can expect pretty bad weather forecast. Meteo symbolically depicts the consequences of such a social climate and its devastating effects on individuals. Irma Omerzo’s social engagement shows that contemporary dance can be communicative, relevant and engaged, and that it can speak about subtle fears typical of times we’re living. Irma Omerzo is the winner of the annual award of the Association of Croatian dance artists for season 2010/11.

b l i t z cin-cin

opening | 30 / 8 / 2013 | H 21:30 / theatre Gandusio (square Valdibora 17) | free entrance


Wim Wenders (D)

film | 30 / 8 / 2013 | H 22:00 /  theatre Gandusio (square Valdibora 17) | free entrance | duration 100′

Pina is a documentary that a famous German film director Wim Wenders dedicated to the legendary dancer and choreographer, his fellow countrywoman Pina Bausch, who died in summer of 2009. The film was made in collaboration with the ensemble Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. Wenders takes the spectator on a sensual, visually stunning journey of a discovery of a dance art  through Pina Bausch’s choreographies which strength and beauty changed the language of a dance and which are able to offer a unique aesthetic experience even through a cinematographic screen.


31 / 8 / 2013 | H 22:00 / Cafeteria Piazza – Hotel Adriatic (square Maršala Tita) | free entrance


Marko Manojlović (SRB)

appartment performance | saturday 31st August 2013, 7.30 PM, Carera 32 | ticket 40 kn | duration 80′ | with motives from Marriage Play by Edward Albee | directed by Marko Manojlović | performed by Milutin Milošević and Tamara Krcunović

Behind closed doors of an apartment just like any other, two people you’ll think you know will make you feel very familiar things. Performed in an intimate space in front of 15 people at a time, providing a unique experience of immediacy and authenticity, the play puts the audience at the centre of an evening in which a young couple, during a conflict that retraces the history of their relationship, play out universally recognizable rituals of monogamous relationships. On this evening, the tenderest of intimacies are intertwined with the lowest of blows – for, those who know you best, know what hurts the most. Marko Manojlović is a young serbian director who staged numerous plays in theatre across Serbia and neighboring countries, and won the annual “Duško Radović” theatre award for 2011.


Cosmesi (I)

theatre performance | saturday 31st August 2013, 10 PM, TDR, Obala Vladimira Nazora 1 | ticket 50 kn | duration 50′

Periodonero [Dark period] is a visual black and white performance – technically realized with chroma key and video animation – where reality and fiction are blurred in an imaginary boundary between the video game and the cartoon and where, apparently on the same level, animated figures meet the human ones.With its visionary, humorous and grotesque universe, Periodonero leaves to the spectator the freedom to enjoy the play of sounds and images remaining on the surface of high aesthetic quality, or to go deeper into the philosophical and aesthetic reflection of what is and can mean the dark period (periodo nero). Cosmesi – Italian theater company founded in 2001 by a performer Eva Geatti and multidisciplinary visual artist Nicola Toffolini – has built and animated in recent years an original artistic process recognized by awards and hospitality to the most important international festivals of contemporary theater.


b l i t z closing party with DJ’s Daniel Rajković (Tresor/Rrygular, Berlin, D) + Madame Fature (Rijeka, HR) + Schwizarski u Zagrebu (Rovinj, HR)

31 / 8 / 2013 | H 23:00 / Beach bar Cuvi | free entrance