The BLITZ celebrates it’s second birthday, it is stronger and more secure on it’s feet: it walks. It may appear to be more independent than it is in reality, because it still needs much support, in order that it’s true power – mostly based on the love of its founders, collaborators and volunteers – flowers fully. The second edition of the BLITZ corageously and, maybe, a bit cocky for its age, lasts a day more than its first edition. It runs in Rovinj from 4th to 6th September, when the summer is in it’s full matureness, clear and crystalline, and a bit more calm, necessary enough to hear better, to see better, to enjoy more. The BLITZ 2014 hosts artworks from Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Sweeden. It is supported by loyal (City of Rovinj, Tourist board Rovinj, Open university of Rovinj, Erste Bank) and new partners: (Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb, Croatian Ministry of Culture, Istrian County. It is held in old (Gandusio Theatre, Tobacco factory Rovinj, Beach bar Cuvi) and new venues: Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, little pier, Club Boa, Delfin swimming pool.

The BLITZ 2014 theme is holidays, as days of vacation: a long and warm summer, infinite, thoughtless, wild. A sensation that dates back in childhood and to which we long to return every summer, at least for a while. To this mild vacuity of vacation. Holidays as days of quietness, suitable for words of thanks, words of prayer. They both invite us to an Immersion. The subthemes we cross this year are journeys, landscapes, discoveries, intimate distances, the power of real and the power of immaginative – in quest of new beauties. What is necessary to make the every day become a holy day?



Martin Schick (CH) + Ensemble Antonio Gandusio (HR)

workshop + training + performance | 19.30 little pier | free entrance

Imagine a sport, but one free from competition; a dance, but free from compulsive aesthetics! explains the author of LANDMARK, Martin Schick, an international artist working at the boundaries of performing arts, dance and social art practice. The workshop introduces physical training into a city as a way of community building and support for creative urban change. The physical training itself encourages body intelligence and trains rhythm, dynamics, endurance, strength and coordination. Meanwhile the implementation of the training opens up spaces for shared experiences and allows for an individual approach and participation. Together with an instructor a small group of people builds a basic unique training session, generated on site. The core group offers the regular physical training to the public, and everyone can join!

Check it out: http://martinschick.wordpress.com/


Colectivo 96° (E)

duration: 60′ | author: Lidia González Zoilo | performers: David Franch, Lidia González Zoilo | photo-collage: Macarena Recuerda | choreography: Mónica Muntaner | assistant director: Yuri Fontes | lights: Gorka Bilbao | technique: Jordi Arqué

Colectivo 96° has been founded in 2008 in Barcelona by the dramaturge and performer Lidia Zoilo González and the performer David Franch. Following one of the tendencies of the contemporary theatre that interrogates concepts of falsity, fiction, reality, truth, the performance Fingir (Pretend) starts from questions: What is a performance? What is fiction? Which is my place in all of this? Fingir is a meta-theatrical performance that unmasks the creative process with a wide sense of humour, rethinks ironically the act of representation itself and brilliantly analyzes theatre practice deconstructing the stage mechanism. During the strip of the theatrical convention, the spectator becomes an actor actively participating in all that happens on stage.

Check it out: http://www.colectivo96.com/


Martina Nevistić / O.N.E. (HR)

video dance | duration: in loop non-stop | author: Martina Nevistić | performers: Sara Barbieri, Petra Chelfi, Pavle Heidler, Martina Nevistić | designer: Dora Đurkesac | dramaturgy: Rona Žulj | light designer: Luka Matić | video editor: Miro Manojlović | photography: Dora Đurkesac, Luka Matić |  music designer: Luka Grubišić-Čabo | PR: Amela Pašalić |  organization: Martina Nevistić, Amela Pašalić | costumes: Martina Nevistić, Sara Barbieri | production: O.N.E. | co-production: Festival Perforacije

Accross the figure of Sisyphus, O.N.E. tells us about the fundamental element of the capitalist society: the consumerism. The trap of an induced need becomes visually represented with the principle of a loop movement. Sisyphus Pink interrogates the dynamics of the interdependent ralation fragment-unit: the video projection consists in different parts performed in three different city locations. A spectator’s task is to unite the triptych in one whole.

Martina Nevistić, author, performer, pedagogue. She is founder of O.N.E. Art company where she is producing her authorial work in the field of performing arts and multimedia. She is permanent member of Zagreb Dance Company. She finished her studies in Organization and management in Zagreb and at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Austria; also she was a scholar of Nomad dance academy program. Her work is continuously supported by HIPP/ Zagreb dance centre and DOMINO/ Festival Perforations.  

Check out: https://vimeo.com/74133026



on the road Ateliersi (I)

theatre performance-concert | 21.00  Church of St. Thomas the Apostle | duration: 45′ | concept: Fiorenza Menni | performers: Fiorenza Menni i Agata Tomšić |  sound: Davide Sacco | dramaturgy assistence: Andrea Mochi Sismondi | research assistence: Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta, Primavera Contu | text translation: Tihana Maravić | production: Ateliersi | languages: Italian, Croatian

Urban Spray Lexicon On The Road is a chapter of a pluriannual dramaturgical and performative research on the topic of wall writings, by the bolognese collective Ateliersi. This episode on the road, in collaboration with BLITZ2014, in concert format with punk spirit, reflects the reality of the writings in a precise, raw and direct manner. The performance text, consisting only of wall writings, has been translated in Croatian specially for this unique event. One part of the writings dates in 1968 in Paris and 1977 in Italy, reflecting the philosophical thought and atmosphere of the famous European cultural and political movement in those years, while the others have been collected from streets, universities, night clubs and public toilets of the contemporary age. The writings have been edited following a rhythmic principle which is, gathering different contexts in a surprisingly fresh manner, capable of entertaining, irritating, pushing towards reflection.

Check out: www.ateliersi.it


Malik Bendjelloul (SE – UK)

film | 22.30  theatre Gandusio,  square Valdibora 17 | free entrance | duration: 86′

Searching for Sugar Man, Oscar Award 2013 for best documentary feature, is a 2012 Swedish–British film directed and written by Malik Bendjelloul. It tells the story of Sixto Rodriguez, the greatest ’70s U.S. rock icon who never was. His albums were critically well-received, but sales bombed, and he faded away into obscurity among rumors of a gruesome death. However, as fate would have it, a bootleg copy of his record made its way to South Africa, where his music became a phenomenal success. In a country suppressed by apartheid, his antiestablishment message connected with the people. Searching for Sugar Man is a story of hope, inspiration, and the resonating power of music.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDw7OqVBT-w


Martin Schick + François Gremaud + Viviane Pavillon (CH)

durational comedy | world premiere | duration: 10′ | performers: Martin Schick, François Gremaud, Viviane Pavillon | production: Ingoodcompany | co-produced by Théâtre Choisy-le-roi (F), Pianofabriek Brussels (BE), BLITZ Festival Rovinj (HR) | languages: french, dutch, croatian | administration and organisation: Michaël Monney for Ingoodcompany

X MINUTES is a production and artistic experiment of the Swiss group Ingoodcompany. 10 MINUTES is an artistic and production experiment of the BLITZ Festival. Last autumn BLITZ bought ten minutes of this “ever growing” show and became the third co-producer of the project. X MINUTES follows the neoliberal logic of an exponentially increasing value: more is more! The project is a critical investigation of that market logic rather than a critique of it itself. The authors play with the process of selling and programming, urging programmers to take a risk, to trust and to put value into the unknown. X MINUTES is an ever growing show linked to materiel and immaterial values, and time, which is unique each time it is performed. It is a spatio-temporal travelling piece; a show that writes and collects its own story, that contains its own archive, a travelling exhibit based on the concept of passing time.


Mk (I)

dance21.00 TDR, Obala Vladimira Nazora 1 | ticket: 60 kn| duration: 50′ | choreography: Michele Di Stefano | performers: Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Laura Scarpini | music: Lorenzo Bianchi | production: mk, Armunia Festival Costa degli Etruschi | organization: Anna Damiani/PAV

With the performance Quattro danze coloniali viste da vicino (Four colonial dances at close range), a “geographical” work of rare purity of movement and thought, mk continues its research on the encounter and distances among the bodies. The focus is on negotiation and evolution from a local condition towards not yet allotted territories. It’s a geographical piece, where the reality of movement is developed through a constant work of translation into the surroundings. So dance becomes the reckoning of every sinuosity on the way. Space is measured and crossed by choreographic enquiries, querying the landscape through a tormented reconstruction of the ‘exotic’. The evaluation of distance is the common denominator of these dances. Distance between the bodies, distance between cultural patterns; but what looks like distant is always near to something else. Testing a sort of colonialistic rethoric we found a problematic territory for the negotiation of the differences between the bodies, which aim at building a unique body of conflicting projects.  These are “creolized” dances, sites of interchange. The focus is not on the origin but on destination: how do we accept presence as a continuous settlement into a precarious realm? Reality can be hired step by step to proceed into the uncertain, adds Michele Di Stefano, winner of the Silver lion Award for dance and innovation at the Venice Biennale 2014.

Check out: www.mkonline.it

HOLYDANCE | BLITZ closing party with DJ’s

Marco Donato/Italoboyz (I-UK) + Madame Fature (HR)

23.00 Beach Bar Cuvi | free entrance

In the beloved Beach bar Cuvi, that cursedly smells of sea and pine wood, the BLITZ and its guests, artists, spectators and friends, celebrate HOLIDAYS, convinced that music, dance and nature are the ideal combination for an unforgettable HOLYDANCE party along with the resident DJ-ette Madame Fature and the guest star Marco Donato / Italoboyz. The Italoboyz duo arrived in London in 2002 after playing as individuals for nearly ten years in their home country Italy. Since then they’ve not looked back. Their sound, played in the best European and worlds’ clubs and festivals, has always been influenced by different experiences, floating around the huge domain that is electronic music, from house to techno.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Italoboyz/135026486536661?fref=ts

Madame Fature is a BLITZ alter ego of one of the members of Miće Mace duo from Rijeka. They recently celebrated their fourth birthday. In the last few years they recorded a bunch of mixes, performed in many clubs from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia to Serbia, and organized a dozen of hot parties!

Check out: www.facebook.com/micemace | www.soundcloud.com/micemace