We bring people to a field because we no longer know where to kneel down without being ridiculous.
We bring people to a field because we no longer know where to go and be quiet without sounding sullen.

(Teatro delle Ariette)

So, everybody on this spaceship earth, please fasten your seat belts
for a long-overdue homecoming, from human dominating attitudes of separation – back to Earth!

(Melanie Bonajo)


BLITZ’s roots are growing and he feels the tickling of the grass. He askes himself: “What are my connections to the ground from which I am growing wider? How far can my roots reach? Who else is being touched by my grass blades?”. He’s contemplating on diverse ideas of society, cultural community, fellowship, human nature. He wants to know where and whom he’s with. He looks down on earth, ears straining, as he wonders: “Is she still breathing?”. From the ground dark and unknown languages emerge, wild unplanned weed arise. In between, soft blades of grass: silent ode to tiny, almost imperceptible sensations and things which easily escape, while they might be signs along the way.




walking performance | 1 / 9 / 2015 | H 19.30 / from the small pier | free entrance | duration: 45′

directing: Milan Medak – scenski pokret / movement: Žak Valenta – performers: Dramski studio POURa, Filodrammatica della Comunità degli italiani di Rovigno, Coro Marco Garbin – production: Pučko Otvoreno Učilište Rovinj

BLITZ: Dear Ensemble Antonio Gandusio, we have a wish, and it is that you open this year’s Festival edition! Are you in? / ENSAMBLE ANTONIO GANDUSIO: Yes, we are: ) / B: Great! This year’s theme is “roots and blades of grass”. We are thinking about making a stronger connection with the people who live and enjoy this town, and with the town itself. Do you have an idea? / EAG: Yes, we would like to: animate the city, the people, have fun, learn something; involve all the creatives, artists, citizens and tourists; foster encounters and communicate with the ambient; wake up visual, kinesthetic, olfactory and auditory senses; encourage participation, improvisation, spontaneity… / B: Hm, sounds nice, but how? / EAG: Varietas delectat! / B: Ahaaaa!! The Rovinj synesthesia? /// Synesthesia (from the Greek syn (together) and aesthesis (sensation); sensation unification. 1. Psychological term referring to a spontaneous subjective association of different types of sensations, evoked by immediate experiencing of just one of them (ex. some people refer to listening to music having also visual, most commonly, colorist impressions); One of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs (LSD). 2. Rhetorical figure that refers to words juncture in which each of them belongs to a different sensory field (ex. soft blue).

bLiTZ 4 kiDZ | A TKO SI TI?


theatre show for children | 2 / 9 / 2015 | H 9.30 + 10.30 / theatre Gandusio, square Valdibora 17 | free entrance | duration: 35′

director: Romano Bogdan – dramaturgy: Romano Bogdan – scenography and costumes: Rusa Trajkova – music: Bojan Miljančić – lights: Neven Taradi – cast:
 Karolina Horvat, Mario Jakšić, Davor Dokleja

Pinklec, an award winning theatre company for children and youth, is active since 1987 in Čakovec (Croatia) and operates “according to the children’s need for warmth, affection and communication, their performances want to arouse the society’s need for theatre”. Romano Bogdan, founder of the ensemble points out: “we strive to give each child at least one theatrical memory as a contribution to shaping his/her aesthetics in the proces of growing up.” The show And Who Are You?, inspired by motifs from the fairy tale Rebellious Kitten by I. Bjelišev, explores the relationships between equality and diversity. The story and its characters, despite their constantly changing forms and voices still recognize each other. In this game of unveiling they differ in some ways, but are the same in others. “Who are you and where are you, will you come to the show?”, Matko, the hedgehog, Luka, the oak, the squirrel, the apple, the bunny, Tina, the beech ask…and a stray kitten, that has gone too far from home. http://kdpinklec.com/


ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup (I)

2 / 9 / 2015 | H 21.00 / theatre Gandusio, square Valdibora 17 | free entrance | duration: 29′ | CROATIAN PREMIERE

David Zamagni and Nadia Ranocchi, italian directors and filmmakers known under the name ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup (founded in 2000 as an art-film venture, a non-commercial organization engaged in out-of-pocket, low budget, independent movie-making), for the first time in Croatia, present a film from 2012, a mimetic project poised between a reality show and a documentary of a live performance. In the cradle of Romagnol folklore, ZAPRUDER stages a dance marathon with a cash prize for the last standing couple. The rules are based on a competition aimed at gradually emptying the framework. The point of view is that of the sniper, the infiltrator, the observer par excellence, he who overlooks the participants while they are competing for the stage and for victory. The idiomatic expression ‘rats leave the ship’ appears for the first time in The Tempest by Shakespeare. Within the play, a magic ritual unleashes a storm that wrecks the ship in which a class of corrupt and dissolute rulers is traveling. Here, dance is partially disconnected from tradition, and is reduced to its essence as collective ritual to evoke grace and storm. The term marathon, in itself, refers to anything that requires great strength, both physical and moral. www.zapruderie.com

SURPRISES. Experimental Cinema Corner | SECRETS TRILOGY


2 / 9 / 2015 | H 21.00 / theatre Gandusio, square Valdibora 17 | free entrance | duration: 19′ | CROATIAN PREMIERE

Reynold Reynolds, born in Central Alaska, is an American artist graduated in physics who lives and works in Berlin. He creates installations-films, documentaries and short experimental films. His works deal with physical and psychic disorder insisting on the idea of transformation that generates decay, causing in the viewer a sense of unease but also helplessness. His research is tense between philosophy, science, technology and time, developed through a cinematic language that uses as main instruments 16mm film, HD photography and stop-motion. The Secrets Trilogy is the film cycle emblem of his entire work. All three works explore the imperceptible conditions that frame life. Secret Life (2008) explores the edges of the human perception, where time does pass but is almost impossible to observe. Secret Machine (2009) focuses on film as a time based medium, capturing motion, using the camera as both an instrument for measurement as well as artistic expression; connecting the scientific fascination with the body with artistic interpretation. Six Easy Pieces (2010) is based on Six Easy Pieces by the physicist Richard P. Feynman and brings together the foundations “Film is the Seventh Art” and “Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting” (Gottfried Leibniz). www.artstudioreynolds.com



2 / 9 / 2015 | H 21.00 / theatre Gandusio, square Valdibora 17 | free entrance | duration: 19′ | CROATIAN PREMIERE

Through videos, performances, photographs and installations, Netherlands artist Melanie Bonajo focuses on the paradoxes inherent in ideas of comfort. She examines subjects related to progress that remove from the individual a sense of belonging and looks at how technological advances and commodity-based pleasures increase feelings of alienation within the individual. Captivated by concepts of the divine, she explores the spiritual emptiness of her generation, examines peoples’ shifting relationship with nature and tries to understand existential questions by looking at our domestic situation, ideas around classification, concepts of home and gender. Matrix Botanica. Biosphere Above Nations (2013) touches upon the issue that all people are indigenous from somewhere and belonging, alongside all other life forms, to the Earth. In the video the Voice of Nature reflects upon humans. She explains many misunderstandings and interpretations caused by Western philosophical framework, especially the absurd construction of placing human identity ‘outside’ nature. Nature as the protagonist, becomes a character with personhood, one who the viewer can identify with. www.melaniebonajo.com



Secular Easter in four movements: wake, procession, ritual and folk celebration
edible theatre performance | 3 / 9 / 2015 | H 19.30 / Sveti Kristofor, direction Valalta > Montero | * organized transport at 7pm from the Rovinj bus station | ticket: 60 kn – 40 kn u pretprodaji | duration: 70′ | CROATIAN PREMIERE | project: Paola Berselli, Stefano Pasquini – direction: Stefano Pasquini – dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini – production: Teatro delle Ariette in co-production with Santarcangelo dei Teatri (2004) – new set-up BLITZ 2015

“For about 25 years we have been living on the agricultural farm called Ariette; for 25 years we have been cultivating our fields, for 25 years we have been feeding, cleaning and taking care of our animals every day; for 25 years we have been processing our food in our kitchen, meanwhile we have been talking, discussing, writing, fighting, exchanging dreams and projects, imaging our future shows”, this is how Theatre Ariette – a theatre born and grown out from the earth – presents itself. The summer.end performance was made in 2004 in Romagna, co-produced by the festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri when the Ariette created a theatrical event on a land of 6000 square meters, growing vegetables and corn, building a living scenography, imagining a sort of a “vegetal dramaturgy”, that would be able to receive and condition the human presence. Exclusively for BLITZ, Ariette will reinvent this work for the Istrian ground, while maintaining a close and deep connection with the experience that generated it. “Beyond the political, ethical and religious beliefs, beyond social conditions and roles, in one moment life has brought us to face death. We found ourselves in a place where there are no certainties, in an area that has the consistency and the rules of a dream. There The summer.end sprouted up, from Pasolini’s questions, from our wondering in front of the mystery.”The summer.end lives today as a secular Easter ritual of crossing and transformation. It goes beyond the structure of a performance and draws directly from the structure and function of the rites of fertility related to earth and rural culture, where mourning and celebration, laughter and tears, life and death are intimately and inextricably intertwined. www.teatrodelleariette.it

Croatian Scene Focus | RIO BAR


reading | 4 / 9 / 2015 | H 10.30 / at Rio Bar, street Aldo Rismondo 13 | free entrance | duration: 35′

The novel Rio bar was written in 2006. The plot is set in Croatia in the 90s of the past century. Rio bar is a polyphonic text with a performative character in which three female voices speak about war, corruption, transition, war crimes, but also about love, province, tourism, femininity. Parts of the novel were written in Rovinj’s Rio bar: “I drink in Rio Bar. I’m writing a novel in which I drink in Rio bar. I’m writing the text Eight monologues about war for eight actresses clothed in wedding dresses. I drink again. It would be better to eat something”. Fragments of Rio bar are preserved in the novel Rio bar. Other pieces are somewhere in the memories of Rovinj people. For BLITZ 2015 Ivana Sajko in Rio Bar reads parts of the novel Rio bar.

Croatian Scene Focus | STRANAC

BADco. (HR)

theatre and dance performance | 4 / 9 / 2015 | H 21.00 / MMC, square brodogradilišta 5 | ticket: 60 kn – 40 kn presale | duration: 60′

directing: Goran Sergej Pristaš – dramaturgy and text: Goran Ferčec – choreography and performance: Nikolina Pristaš, Zrinka Užbinec, Ana Kreitmeyer – textual contribution and performance: Petar Milat – music and performance: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz – drawings and stage design: Siniša Ilić – costumes: Silvio Vujičić

A collaborative performance collective BADco. founded in Zagreb in 2000 by three choreographers/dancers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, presents their latest piece The Stranger, inspired by the homonymous novel by Albert Camus. Departing from the problem of the absence of (com)passion and expected emotional reactions, The Stranger project, using Camus’s antihero Meursault, provides a view of the social and systemic hypocrisies that are hidden behind relationships based on transparency. This stage reading of The Stranger focuses on three dominant images borrowed from the novel: the situation of confession, prison, and the moment of the murder itself as the point where all of the novel’s forces accumulate. Shedding light on a narrative and discourse as an attempt to explain what happened generates the level of confession, the law of transparency. Constructing a transparent choreographic score examines, in terms of mise-en-scène, the performative potency of the situations and atmospheres inscribed in the novel. Finally, with light literally shed upon it, the murder, as the central point in the narrative, is presented as a tableau of a continual threat and a stage image that constantly remains incomplete in the spectator’s eye, in its poetic character, always incomplete while waiting for a visual release, unclear because it’s too clear. www.badco.hr



Rebekah Aff | Club der Visionaere, Berlin (DE)
Felver | Stereotip, Zagreb (HR)
Kristijan Molnar | Christallization, Beograd (SRB)
Schwizarski u Zagrebu | BLITZ, Rovinj (HR)

5 / 9 / 2015 | H 18.00 – 02.00 / Tobacco Factory Rovinj, Obala Vladimira Nazora 1

ATTENTION ATTENTION! Because of the rain ROOTONDA BLITZ CLOSING PARTY will not take place on the Island Katarina as imagined, but in Tobacco Factory Rovinj. The schedule remains the same: from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am, an unconventional term when we expect a massive fun!! The location and an after party itself, in case of a “normal” weather, will be announced during the main event.The summer is saluting us, and we salute it as well.