There are sounds we can hear only if the room is silent; small ants, tiny flowers that become visible if we come down to the ground. If we lower ourselves, we can speak to a child looking him in the eyes. There are dishes that are being prepared for hours, but if you eat them in a few minutes, you probably won’t feel all the nuances of their taste. There are texts which, to be understood, need to be read several times. “If you don’t want to feel anything,” said once a choreographer, “move fast!”. “The situation is similar in sex,” she added. In the same way the creative process needs time; the realization of a performance or a festival – for instance in unusual or isolated places – demands care, requires a considerable human and financial commitment. From the spectator, theatre expects desire and attention.

There are performances for only one spectator. However, even if the joy of a common vision is greater when the audience is greater, the theatrical experience definitely doesn’t need stadium numbers, such as 23000 people who in Roman times in the Arena of Pula watched gladiator fights. The nature of theatre is not economic which doesn’t mean that the economy doesn’t have to sustain its life and that theatre doesn’t contribute to the social economy in turn. In a time when the survival of Culture (freedom of thought and creation, attention to non-primary but equally essential goods) is dangerously threatened, theatre must, more than ever, become a cultural centre, a meeting place, alternative school or lighthouse, a place where the Attention is cultivated. “I’m not alone” because BLITZ believes that humans are political beings, that everyone is responsible for everyone, that the sea smells good, aliens exist and that the possibilities are endless.

BLITZ 2016 announces its new edition on Friday 26th of August in a courtyard of the Old town, with a live sound act In the garden by the multimedia artist Davor Sanvincenti, who will emphasize sounds “collected” in landscapes devoid of human activity, to create a “space within a space” in which we are invited to enter.

Every day from Saturday 27th of August to Friday 2nd of September, at the same garden of Hotel Angelo D’oro, it will be possible to enjoy the eight-hour ambient sound installation Invisible landscape / Earth about which Sanvincenti says: “the linearity of the composition invites to be present in the meditation of time, to create a space for the inner vision”.

On Wednesday 31st of August at the Multimedia Center, the main BLITZ program will be launched with the section Croatian Scene Focus, along with the choreographer Martina Nevistić / O.N.E. who in the performance Apollonian returns to 1969 and flies to the Moon to watch the Earth from above, using this symbolic reference to question the current crisis of the visual: “over-saturation with images proves our lack of capacity to imagine an alternative world opposed to one we are living in”. In regard of his astronautic experience Russell L. Schweickart, the pilot of Apollo 9 mission, said: “When you’re outside in one of those spacesuits, you’re really in space. There are no boundaries to what you’re seeing. There’s a total silence and that beautiful view. You’re the representative of humanity at that point in history having that experience, in a sense, for the rest of mankind”.

On Thursday 1st of September in the Kindergarten Neven, within the section bLiTZ 4 kiDZ dedicated to children, with the Poco Loco Theatre and their interactive environmental play based on the story Grandpa and the biggest beet in the universe by Adam Peter Maguire, we travel once again into the outer space and back to Earth.

The same evening at the Gandusio Theatre within the section SURPRISES. Experimental Cinema Corner, Italian artists Linda Rigotti and Daniele Pezzi, guest curators of the cinematographic program In your Dreams I am a Landscape, present nine video works on the theme of Natural landscape by filmmakers from the United States, Chile, Italy, Norway, Australia and Germany.

On Friday 2nd of September at the MMC, in the dance performance All dressed up with nowhere to go by the Italian choreographer Giorgia Nardin, time becomes unreal, thick and circular. On the stage a man and a woman, dressed with nothing but neatly tailored shirts, are getting ready to go out, in a long series of small everyday gestures they fix, adjust, regulate, repeat… following their bodies in the soft lighting, the spectator himself is finally off balance, hovering between reality and abstraction.

And at the end, the closing event Silence is sexy with faithful resident DJs Madame Fature and Schwizarski u Zagrebu is closing this fourth cosmic festival edition.


Festival Preview



live sound act | 26/8/2016 | H 9 pm / Hotel Angelo D’Oro, Vladimira Švalbe 40 | free entrance

With a live act In the garden the multimedia artist Davor Sanvincenti continues his research within the field of phonography and ecological approach to the perception of music. The piece consists of audio materials from deep forests to geological sounds and audio exploration for landscapes devoid of human activity. On a Rovinj site-specific location these sounds will be emphasized in order to create a space within a space.

Davor Sanvincenti (1979) is a multimedia artist from Croatia, also known by monikers such as Messmatik and Gurtjo Ningmor. He is specifically interested in a field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. His artistic practice takes shape in the variety of media – film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances. His work plays with the concept of illusion, exploring the possible boundaries of perception and the construction of experience. His work has been widely exhibited and presented internationally. In 2010 he was recipient of the Radoslav Putar Award for the best Croatian artist under the age of 35.



environmental sound installation | 27/8-2/9/2016 | 27-30/8: H 2 pm – 10 pm | 31/8-2/9: H 9 am – 5 pm / Hotel Angelo D’Oro, Vladimira Švalbe 40 | free entrance

Invisible landscapes / Earth is an 8 hours sound installation/composition, part of a larger project La cour du domaine. The piece investigates the fields of phonography and the phenomenon of ecological perception. The composition consists of sequences of field recordings done on several natural sites over three continents. The linearity of the composition (involving no loops) invites to be present in the meditation of time, to create a space for the inner vision. Recorded sound sequences are in an asymptotic search for “pure” wilderness, for the sound of a landscape devoid of human activity. The composition is not attempting to represent the experience, but it manipulates the clips of one irreproducible situation and creates a new perceptual situation, which is itself unrepeatable and unperceivable as a whole. It works as a part of time and space that meditates over its own flow.

Davor Sanvincenti (1979) is a multimedia artist from Croatia, also known by monikers such as Messmatik and Gurtjo Ningmor. He is specifically interested in the field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. His artistic practice takes shape in the variety of media – film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances. His work plays with the concept of illusion, exploring the possible boundaries of perception and the construction of experience. His work has been widely exhibited and presented internationally. In 2010 he was recipient of the Radoslav Putar Award for the best Croatian artist under 35.

Croatian Scene Focus



contemporary dance | 31/8/2016 | H 9 pm | MMC, Square Brodogradilište 5 | entrance: 50 KN

Concept and choreography: Martina Nevistić | Performers: Petra Chelfi, Lana Hosni, Martina Nevistić | Dramaturgy: Nina Gojić | Visuals, scenography and costumes: Martina Granić | Video: Dora Đurkesac | Recording and picture: Neven Petrović | Sound and music design: Višeslav Laboš | Music: Spektar, Nep, Oue and Labosh | Narration: Luka Bulović, Kruno Bakota | Production: O.N.E. | Coproduction: Festival Perforacije/Udruga Domino, Residential program of Zagreb Dance Center/Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance | With the support from: Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, z/k/m, Zagreb Dance Company

At the end of 1960ꞌs first images of the Earth as seen from the space occurred, assigning our planet the nickname “Blue marble”. These images continued to be massively distributed after the Moon landing in 1969. The idea of human civilization as a unified entity ungoverned by racial, class and other identity categories, but rendered as a unified whole, gained its visual representation twenty years before the Cold War ended. In a sense, the image of the Earth as seen from its orbit anticipated the end of a binary relationship to the world. Moreover, it became an icon of a globalized world we know today, even though this image is still far from principles of equality called for by the counter-cultural movements from the period of the first flights to space. The flight to the Moon – and its televisual mediation – caused a turnover in the way human perception of the world is organized: for the first time in history the man saw the Earth from the “outside”, from the perspective of its satellite, as a unified whole.

In her new project Martina Nevistić tackles these issues with a multimedia approach to choreography: by juxtaposing recorded and performed material the author tries to point out that deterritorialised images without a grounded gaze prevail in today’s communication. At the level of choreography, the issue is dealt with by generating the material through a process of speculation about bodies that adjust to modified physical conditions, different gravitations and unknown biospheres. At the same time, symbolic reference to the flight to the Moon functions as a framework by which it becomes not only possible to make the current crisis of visuality a topic, but also to question the possibilities of transforming this condition.

Martina Nevistić was born 1983 in Zagreb. Martina is dance maker, performer and teacher.  She is founder of O.N.E. Art Company where she is doing her author work in the field of performing arts and multimedia. She finished her studies in Organization and management in Zagreb and Dance at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Austria.  Her work is continuously supported by HIPP and Zagreb dance center, DOMINO/ Festival Perforations and Zagreb Youth Theatre z/k/m. She is member of Zagreb Dance Company. Also, she is teaching professional contemporary dance classes and yoga in Croatia and abroad.

bLiTZ 4 kiDZ



theatere for children | 1/9/2016 | 9.30 am + 10.30 am + 12.30 pm | Kindergarten Neven, Valbruna bb | free entrance

Performers: Maja Katić, Zrinka Kušević, Dunja Fajdić | Direction: Renata Carola Gatica | Musical instrument: ukulele

Grandpa and Grandma are sad because the beet didn’t germ. What now? They decide to plant the Ingenious Mega Big Seed and  finally enjoy the beet. But ohhhh! From this unusual seed the beet doesn’t stop growing until it overgrows the Planet Earth! Everybody is amazed: grandpa, grandma, the neighbors, godparents, the hens, cows, cats, the dog, chickens, turkeys..everybody!

Teatar Poco Loco performs a cheerful ecological story by Adam Peter Maguire, from the collection Fairy tales for a better tomorrow. It tells about labor, love and patience that is necessary to invest in soil – and in our Planet Earth – because she gives us food and life, and we give her in return love and care in order to live healthily and happily.

As part of the bLiTZ 4 kiDZ section – which desire is to show to the youngest how to observe and change the world through theater – this performance is educative and open to collaboration and dialogue with the little spectators with its multimedia and interactive language. A new experience, a new story, a new little man.
Teatar Poco Loco

SURPRISES. Experimental Cinema Corner



video art | duration 95’ | 1/9/2016 | H 9 pmGandusio Theatre, Square Valdibora 17 | free entrance

works by: Cecelia Condit (USA), Within a stone’s throw, 7:12’
 | Enrique Ramirez (RCH), Un Hombre que camina, 21’

 | Daniele Pezzi (I), A man afoot ain’t a man at all, 15:56’
 | Linda Jasmin Mayer (I), Snowcats, 9:30’
 | Cosimo Terlizzi (I), La bestia, 7:35’
 | Linda Rigotti (I), In inverno, Simone, le rocce, 15’
 | Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (NO), Down there between moss and dead leaves, so raw and cold, 2’
 | Brendan Lee (AUS), Between rock, 13’
 | Nicolas Rupcich (CHL-DE), EDF, 5:25’

The video art and experimental film program In your dreams I am a landscape offers a selection of nine videos by authors from the USA, Chile, Italy, Norway, Australia and Germany, artists capable of forming a comprehensive overview of the possible interpretations and visions of the Natural landscape. A selection process all focused on the value and strength of the individual works without considering the importance and reputation of the authors, is to open up to new discoveries. Out of the city (real or imaginary), out from the borders of the body, from the confines of our customs engineered as the buildings of a single culture, among which we move with sedimented and undiscussed movements. Nature transforms, matter never dies, it always walks. To enter the nature is not given as granted any more, getting inside becomes a choice (or necessity), a search that leads to mess up with the squareness of the known, it leads us to fear, sometimes, because the rules are different there. The organic opens the way to the smooth space, to other visions and creates a gash from where a different light comes out. We are not alone. (Linda Rigotti and Daniele Pezzi)



contemporary dance | 2/9/2016 | H 9 pm | MMC, Square Brodogradilište 5 | entrance: 50 KN

Performers: Marco D’Agostin, Sara Leghissa | Research process: Amy Bell, Marco D’Agostin, Sara Leghissa, Giorgia Nardin | Sound design: Luca Scapellato LSKA | Light design: Matteo Fantoni | Costumes: Edda Binotto | Developed as part of: ChoreoRoam Europe 2012 CSC/Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), The Place (London), Dansateliers (Rotterdam), Paso a 2/Certamen Coreografico (Madrid), Dance Week Festival (Zagreb), B Project 2013 Jheronimus Bosch 500 Foundation (‘s-Hertogenbosch), CSC/Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa), Dance Umbrella (London), D.ID Dance Identity (Pinkafeld), La Briqueterie-Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val de Marne (Paris), Dansateliers (Rotterdam) | Supported by: CSC/Centro per la Scena Contemporanea – Bassano del Grappa, Graner/Mercat de les Flors – Barcelona, La Piccionaia/I Carrara/Teatro Villa dei Leoni – Mira, La Conigliera – Resana, INTEATRO Residenze – Polverigi, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove – Venezia, Associazione Culturale Arearea – Udine, Associazione Culturale VAN

A long title to stress the lack of an end or a constant, subtle transformation. To be dressed up without knowing where to go: to destroy the linearity of time, the beginning and the end, the body’s chance to find memory in the gesture, to crystallize the movement. The bodies of the performers are, on this stage, pins of reality stuck in the weaving of the performance. They touch their noses, heads; they fold cuffs and collars as if they were surprised in the street, in a supermarket, or sitting at the office desk. Only one limb remains still, as a goad sustaining all the weight of reality, as a trunk that digs and presses the land, vainly trying to draw out its own roots, to subsequently find itself out of balance, subject to all the force of gravity.

Weariness is an escape route, contact is a form of protection to escape from the gaze of an observer that runs over the bare and sacred surface of the bodies without embarrassment or provocation. Everything lies there, in trying to foresee the abstract in the concrete and the reality in the abstraction, in the pale tints of the bodies and in the soft lighting of a form of warmth. And the body reacts to all this. (from Matteo Antonaci’s text)
Giorgia Nardin is an independent choreographer and performer. She creates solo and group performances for theaters, galleries and museum spaces. Her first solo, Dolly, which focuses on the multiple icons related to the female body, wins numerous awards and is presented in several venues and festivals both in Italy and across Europe (Edinburgh Fringe, Interplay Torino, Festival Mess Sarajevo). She has been selected to participate in numerous European projects, including: ChoreoRoam Europe 2012, B Project and Performing Gender, an international project for the production of durational performances on the theme of gender and sexual orientations. All dressed up with nowhere to go, her first piece for two performers, was the Winner of Premio Prospettiva Danza 2013.




 2/9/2016 | H 11 pm | Ixie Sky Bar Rovinj | free entry

Shhh…Say nothing. Just be there, and dance!